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Adjustable Height Increase Insoles
Adjustable Height Increase Insoles
Adjustable Height Increase Insoles
Adjustable Height Increase Insoles
Adjustable Height Increase Insoles

Adjustable Height Increase Insoles

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These Adjustable Height Increasing Insoles will do the trick!

What if there was a way to add a few more inches to your height? It seems as if there's always been a stigma behind the height of a person. If you're not tall enough the opposite sex in both male or female, they may find you unattractive. Sadly in some cases you may have been even bullied in the past. Let's help to put an end to this using Height Increasing Insoles!


  • No more feeling less-worthy from height/social discrimination
  • Gain more confidence
  • Add up to 1-3.5 inches using height increasing insoles
  • Excellent view in crowds - concerts, gatherings and events  
  • Better fitted appearance in clothes you wear 
  • Replaces wearing high heels for women
  • Instant Results - no more wishing you were taller

"The brain automatically associates physical height with leadership potential, power, strength and intelligence"

Unisex Height High Increase Shoe Insoles for Men Women Shoe Pad Lift Kit Air Cushion Heel Inserts 

Get these Adjustable Height Increasing Insoles for INSTANT RESULTS!

"Heightism is prejudice or discrimination against individuals based on height In principle, it refers to the discriminatory treatment against individuals whose height is not within the normal acceptable range of height in a population."

FACTS: Some taller men and women in the work field are perceived more valuable in social status, appearance and superiority thus these biased stigmatism directly reflect in getting paid more than the average/shorter height individual. Completely unfair and immoral am I right? 

Shape and cut the desired length of the tip of the insoles to fit your shoes perfectly. Place them inside shoes and secretly increase your height with these insoles. Feel more of how you should naturally feel nonetheless, amazing and confident with an added boost


  • DISCRETE ELEVATED SHOE INSOLES – This shoe lift kit is designed to provide 1.18 to 2.75 inches of lift with cushioned layers that support your insole, arch, heel, and step for all-day comfort and relaxed confidence.
  • VERSATILE ADULT SUPPORT – Crafted with the highest-quality materials, our shoe lifts support men’s shoe sizes  225-270, EU35-44 (US 6.5 to 9) and women’s shoe sizes 225-270, EU35-44 (US 5 to 11) and can be cut to fit your specific shoe size or type.
  • DUAL-LAYER COMFORT – Offering better heel shock-resistance thanks to a smart air cushion design, each lift for shoes supports the arch to the ball of your foot while adding height so you can maintain a natural presence.
  • BREATHABLE, ANTIMICROBIAL FABRIC – Designed to better circulate air and prevent moisture buildup, our odor-resistant shoe lifts for women and men offer cool, relaxed comfort when you’re in the car, walking, or on the go.

PVC material
1 floor height 3 cm 220 g
2 layers 5 cm 320 g
3 layers 7 cm 420 g
4 layers 9 cm 520 g

27 cm in length