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Furniture Mover Tools Set
Furniture Mover Tools Set
Furniture Mover Tools Set
Furniture Mover Tools Set
Furniture Mover Tools Set

Furniture Mover Tools Set

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Lifting heavy sofas, cabinets, desks and other furniture objects is now becoming a thing of the past!

It’s all made easier now than it has ever been, thanks to this innovative tool.

Relocating, rearranging, or just trying to move furniture to clean is a big job and requires multiple people. With this tool, it’s possible to maneuver objects simply just by yourself without trouble. 

This will give you the freedom to move massive objects, up to 660 lbs by easily gliding on wheels. 

Move the couch, coffee table, fridge or even outdoor furniture with ease, leaving no scratches, damages to floors and surfaces with these wheels.

You can severely hurt your back by moving, lifting and rearranging heavy furniture. This can be a difficult task and puts a great risk on our body’s joints, knees and back health especially if predominantly done incorrectly. It may only take that one time of bad form to do such damage. Regardless if all body ergonomics were perfectly executed in form, the continuous efforts to do so will burden and strain over a long period of time. This transporting tool will help minimize and eliminate those potential risks factors. 


  • 4 trolley wheels have a tri axel design, a lot of stability 
  • Smooth glides with no surface floor damage
  • 360 degrees movements on all wheels
  • Fulcrum tool and wheels lifts up to 660 lbs objects


  • Easy to use
  • Freedom to move something easily 
  • Less effort with the leverage tool
  • Use weight to leverage the couch with fulcrum tool
  • Place and center trolleys underneath each corner or foot stands 
  • Remove leverage fulcrum tool
  • Now begin to glide objects simply and conveniently

Package Included:       


1 x Wheel Bar

4 x Wheeled Mover Rollers