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Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser
Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser
Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser

Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser

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Are you looking for the best automatic foam soap dispenser?

Let’s face it, to some degree we’re all a bit germaphobic in a sense. Are you someone that thinks twice about touching handles, pushing or pulling public doors and nobs? If yes, this foam soap dispenser is a no brainer to have in your house or workplace. 
This smart home automatic soap dispenser adds just the right touch to your kitchen or bathroom appliance. With it’s chic and modern appearance, it can compliment the look of the room and enhance the user’s hand washing experience.No more using manual soap dispensers and bars of soap, which can harbor the dirt and germs of the last person to use them, spreading them to the next user!

Regular hand washing has been proven to be effective in reducing the spread of germs. Your house or workplace can take it a step further by upgrading to automatic soap dispensers. Manual soap dispensers and bar soaps can work against workplace hygiene by becoming collecting places for bacteria, viruses and other germs

  • Automatic soap dispensers don’t come into contact with dirt and germs that people carry on their hands
  • Helps stop the spread of contaminants in work environments
  • Activated when placing hands in front of sensors
  • Measured and controlled amount of soap is dispensed into user’s hand
  • Helping to conserve and save soap liquid
  • Reduce the spread of germs, bacteria and viruses people come in contact with


  • Works with ordinary foaming soap or liquid soap.
  • Possess hygienic, no-touch operation.
  • Anti-drip spout helps keep counter tops clean.
  • Easy-to-fill dispenser with soap-level window.
  • Help parents to confirm their motivates of kids' hand-washing.
  • Perfect to use at bathroom, kitchen, office, school, hospital, hotel and restaurant.

Material: ABS + PC + Electronic Components
Power by: 4 x AA Batteries (Not Included)
Voltage: DC 6V
Power: 1.8W
Volume: 250ml
Occasions: Bathroom, Kitchen, Office, School, Hospital, Hotel, Restaurant, etc.
Features: Touchless, Easy to Fill, Anti-Drip Spout
Dimension: 85mm x 120mm x 205mm/3.35" x 4.72" x 8.07" 
Sensing Distance: 3cm - 5cm/1.18" - 1.97" 

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