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Alarm Clock On Wheels
Alarm Clock On Wheels
Alarm Clock On Wheels
Alarm Clock On Wheels
Alarm Clock On Wheels
Alarm Clock On Wheels

Alarm Clock On Wheels

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Do you snooze your alarm too often and have issues with physically getting out of bed?

This humorous alarm clock on wheels easily solves that problem for you deep sleepers in an interesting and entertaining way. Say bye to abusing the snooze, this alarm clock will get you up and chasing to disarm the alarm. No more being late to work, school or important events in the morning!  Say hello to always being on time! 


  • This charming alarm is great for all ages.For personal use or fun gift idea for kids, or coworkers, students or friends who are always late to meetings and events
  • All types of sleepers, light sleepers, too lazy to get up or heavy deep sleepers
  • In addition, helps psychologically build developmental stamina to conquer  the habit of getting out of bed


The name speaks for itself:

  • As the alarm sounds, the clock leaps from your nightstand and rolls away
  • It’s corner and wall proof therefore this alarm clock will configure to roll off in all directions randomly
  • Option to snooze once or set the clock to run right when alarm sounds


  • Features r2d2 inspired sound chimes
  • Surprisingly loud yet charming sounds
  • Very durable, can fall off night stands of 3 feet and continue rolling around with no problems
  • Choose between rolling or standstill feature like a regular alarm clock (although that defeats the purpose for this amusing type of alarm clock).
  • Batteries 4 AAA batteries, not included
  • Weight: 320g / 0.7lbs